A Better Way to Remove a Trailing Slash from a Path


Posted on 18th January 2008 by r2 in C#

How many times have you written this to trim a trailing slash from a path:

  1. if (myPath.EndsWith("\\"))   /* or "/" in the case of a URI  */
  2.   myPath = myPath.Substring(0, myPath.Length-1);

Next time, try this:

  1. myPath = myPath.TrimEnd(new char[]{'\\', '/'});

In addition to String.TrimStart() and String.TrimEnd(), there is an overload on String.Trim() that accepts a character array. There are good examples of usage in the MSDN Library. Here
are the links:

System.String Trim(char[]) TrimStart(char[]) TrimEnd(char[])