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Portable and Efficient Generic Parser for CSV

I recently had some pretty ugly CSV files to parse and decided to have a quick look around to see if there were any libraries around that would handle the specifics of these particular CSV files without me having to … Continue reading

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Atlanta Code Camp Demos

Another fantastic Atlanta Code Camp!   Big kudos go out to the crew that threw this together this year in record time and did a fantastic job.  I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone that I talked with.  Big thank … Continue reading

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Moving further towards the Dark Side

I’ve been a proponent of dark coding environments for many moons, back to Turbo C++ and that blue.  In fact, my current Visual Studio template started way back in the first version of Visual Studio for .NET. I actually painstakingly … Continue reading

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Safari on Windows fail

After years of being nagged to install Safari for Windows by iTunes (every time I update), I finally gave in this morning.  Minutes later, a colleagues emails about a problem he is seeing with a Sharepoint site we use for … Continue reading

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Atlanta Code Camp is open for Registration

Atlanta Code Camp has finally been confirmed for this year and will take place on Saturday. June 25, 2011 at Southern Tech in Marietta, GA.  I’ll be reprising my CodeStock talks on Intro to MEF with Silverlight and Intro to … Continue reading

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So long Das Blog, Hello WordPress

I just completed the move from DasBlog to WordPress.  It wasn’t without some bumps, but I did it in one evening.  Since there was no WordPress plug-in that directly supported importing from DasBlog, I was forced to use the RssImporter … Continue reading

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Another Great CodeStock!

Once again, CodeStock was awesome and the CodeStock crew took care of everything and made it look easy!  All of the attendees that I had a chance to speak with had nothing but good things to say.  Big thank you … Continue reading

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Happy Beatles Day

In case you didn’t know, The Beatles re-masters are being released today (9/9/9).  Even more exciting is the fact that you will be able to get all of them in mono and in stereo.  So, you can hear them the … Continue reading

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Prism Presentation – Code and Slides

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at CodeStock 2009 and was very impressed with the conference overall.  The folks behind this conference put in a lot of work and did a really great job.  I got the chance to … Continue reading

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Silverlight UI Rant #2 – ListBoxItem

Tonight’s recipient of my UI Rant is the Silverlight 2 ListBox, or more specifically, the ListBoxItem.  A client recently asked me to provide an alternating row style like the DataGrid for the ListBox.  Now, if you’ve ever tried to add … Continue reading

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