So long Das Blog, Hello WordPress


Posted on 9th June 2011 by r2 in Uncategorized

I just completed the move from DasBlog to WordPress.  It wasn’t without some bumps, but I did it in one evening.  Since there was no WordPress plug-in that directly supported importing from DasBlog, I was forced to use the RssImporter and then manually clean up all of my old blog posts.  I was very impressed with the ease of installation through my host, WebHost4Life.  So far, I’m enjoying the Admin part of WordPress and I’ve seen no real bumps using LiveWriter to clean the old posts and to post new ones.  I also went ahead and added the Paste as Visual Studio Code Plug-in for LiveWriter and I’m really liking that so far. 

I’m still playing around with themes, so look for that to fluctuate a bit until I find one that I can’t live without. 

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