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This past weekend a few of us Wintellectuals made the trek Atlanta to Murfreesboro TN to present at the annual devLink conference. I really can’t say enough about the level of professionalism and obvious preparation that went into devLinkJohn Kellar, Tommy Norman, and Leanna Baker and the entire team that made it happen are well deserving of accolades for their accomplishment.  The conference was held on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University which was also perfectly suited for the task. All of the rooms were nice, large, and well-equipped (even though said equipment was apparently timed to shut off exactly at the 1-1/2 presentation mark).  As a vegetarian, I can’t say too much for the food, but that’s pretty much on par with any gathering…I’ve learned to carry plenty or protein bars over the years. Bottom line, for $50 this absolutely has to be best value for your buck in training (other than Wintellect’s DevScovery,of course *smile*).

While my colleagues, Steve Porter and Keith Rome, offered four really great talks on Silverlight topics,
I was there to present on all the new things available with Cascading Style Sheets (sarcasm off).  Actually, my CSS talk went really well and I received lots of good feedback which I’ll continue to roll into that presentation.  All sarcasm aside, most web developers (especially those in Enterprise positions) are stuck with CSS for the foreseeable future and this presentation really aims to go through the major areas where I see developers struggling and try and cast some light on how all those pieces play together.  Thanks to all that made it to the talk (standing room only!) and for the emails that I’ve received since.

I’ve updated the slides and code with this past weekend’s revisions and you can get it here:

CSS Deep Dive for the ASP.NET Developer

I believe that the other presentations will be posted on the devLink website, so keep an eye out for them.  There were a lot of good ones!

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